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The S-Tray brings stability, storage, and multi-function.

Mark Dowson - Creator | Inventor | Author

The S-Tray is a universal consumer multi-purpose product that I have invented. It is completely unique in the marketplace.

Before becoming a product inventor, I developed a small business and sold my portfolio of 22 Northern UK sites from redundant land owner greenfield sites, for affordable housing with solar farming, energy storage & CHP generation from anaerobic digestion, to create the next generation of sustainable cities, for future investment. Creating local jobs & energy reserve from renewables for the national grid.

Additionally, I have transformed my science fiction book into a trilogy which is planned to finish in Spring next year 2017. As well as writing the science fiction book I am directing the art for the book's cover and illustrations insides. I have created my own conceptual form of Art which is a theme for the book.

Creator and Inventor of The S-Tray. The new generation tray that has multiple applications and versatility.

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The S-Tray Project

The S-Tray Project

The S-Tray stemmed from an idea I had as a child at the age of eight.

I remember repeatedly saying to my Mum and Dad, why has somebody not made something to keep your knives and forks attached to your plate when you are walking from the kitchen to the dining or living room. As frequently my knife and fork or my Mum and Dad’s would fall off the plate whilst walking. Irritatingly you would have to wash it again. I know what you are going to say, that’s what a tray is for. But you are not going to use a tray just to carry it to the table or place where you are going to eat, or at least not always.

Although, when you are using a normal try, things are not quite safe on top of it. Most likely it will requried some balance to keep the items in place and not sliding all over the place. So from a mobile point of view my Stay Tray is solving a health and safety issue.

Secondly, once you have arrived at your destination of where you are to eat your food, whilst stationery you can enjoy your meal with the stability and security of the items properly placed on your the tray.

Technical and Functional details of the S-Tray

The product branded the “S-Tray”, will comprise of two components, a profiled under tray and a detachable top surface. The user will be able to purchase either a flat tray designed for use with electronic devices or a profiled surface with recessed areas to prevent plates, cups and cutlery from sliding.  The user can of course choose to use the function of both slotting their electronic device such as an IPAD or Tablet in to the S-Tray whilst slotting their plates, cups and cutlery at the same time, offering a multi-functional product for multi-functional use.

New Tray Innovation

I have created two interchangeable trays at present. The main surface can be used for meals and technology – both at the same time or not.  The second surface is compatible with Lego®, for children and young adults to use for Lego building and for storing their Lego parts in the lower base unit.  I have also got plans for a third interchangeable surface so the Stay Tray can be used as a Light box for artists and technical drawings to be drawn and measured.

Currently, I have the Intelectual Property and Trademark Logo for the S-Tray products.

Product Line

From the initial idea to product concept design and development - the S-Tray.

Product Research & Develpment

The S-Tray is a universal consumer multi-purpose product that we have invented. It is completely unique in the marketplace.

Currently, I don’t seek any further competence in developing this product, my natural disposition is from a creative background having studying A levels in Fine Art and Design & Communication before he completed a Ba (Hons) Business Enterprise degree in International Communications obtaining a 2.1.

I gained the confidence and experience of chairing and shaping the core ideas for 3 international group projects over a 3-month period during the degree course.  Directing over 10 students from Greece, Spain, France and the UK to first class honours results on the 3 different projects.

The group projects were – Managing Design, Business and Operation Solutions of a flat-packed multi-purpose chair that can be used as a table or work surface/ TV stand.

During my Master of Science degree in Marketing Product Management at Cranfield University, I obtained a 1st class honours result in Strategic Management by being the only leader on the course which split his group of 10 international students into two business units creating two different strategies – Cost Leadership and Cost Differentiation Strategy to be used for the same consumer service.  This created a Plan B to be used if the business was at risk.

After my academic success, I’ve spent over 15 years of diverse experience on world-leading projects as a competent practitioner in the quantity surveying, project management and renewables field, obtaining a second Masters of Science in Quantity Surveying and Construction Law along the way.

New Tray Specs

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