The S-Tray

Innovative S-Tray Solution

The S-Tray Innovation

Introducing the S-Tray. The ability to cross over to a plethora of different target markets whether it is for portable or stationary use whilst stabilising technology and cuisine on the tray surface.

Multiple purposes and applications, including
1) Disabled group
2) Special needs children group
3) Young children group
4) The elderly group
5) The traveler & commuter niche
6) The camper & outdoor niche
- and more.

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S-Tray dinner & technology tray
The S-Tray Parts
Construction Toy Tray
S-Tray Light Box

A Product That Covers It All

The product’s unique ‘wow feature’ is - ‘stability and storage for multi-functional use of technology, leisure, and culinary activities universally for a wide number of target markets, in a compact way to suit a contemporary fast pace way of living.’

The New Tray Concept

Modern Design

An innovative ergonomic tray design that stabilises your eating, drinking and technology products whilst you are mobile, stationary or traveling and serves a multi-purpose use of technology whilst eating and drinking.

Multi Functions

The S-Tray is a combination of a 2 level tray with movement restriction on the top for cutlery, plates, drinks, and technology. Designed to have the tray at a raised height, giving the user stability and comfort.

Portable Tray

The multi-purpose, multi-function tray offers a combination of use indoors and outdoors. The overall appearance of occasional table replacement. Suited for a wide number of markets and niches.

New tray technology

Multi-function Tray That Fit Your Needs

Hi, my name is Mark Dowson. I have invented an innovative ergonomic tray that is named the ‘S-Tray,’ it offers stability, storage and multipurpose use for its end user. The tray can be used to secure food and drink, and technology separately or at the same time. Based on our current focus group, these are our feedback.

Ergonomically Designed
Multi-purpose Use

Product Functionality

The product branded the “S-Tray”, will comprise of two components, a profiled undertray and a detachable top surface. The user will be able to purchase either a flat tray designed for use with electronic devices or a profiled surface with recessed areas to prevent plates, cups, and cutlery from sliding.

The S-Tray Product Line

There are two interchangeable trays at present; the main surface which is for mealtime and technology use, which can be chosen by the user to use the main surface for both mealtime and technology use at the same time or separately. The second surface which is compatible with Lego®, for children and young adults to use for Lego® building and for storing their Lego® parts in the lower base unit.

We also have plans for a third interchangeable surface so the S-Tray can be used as a Lightbox for artists and technical drawings to be drawn and measured.

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Unique Design

An innovative lightweight, ergonomic tray that provides users with both - a stable surface for eating/drinking/reading and using mobile devices, along with storage space.

Multi-use Product Line

Two growing facts in today’s world are this:

a) More and more people are collecting more disability allowance so there is a growing disabled market for disabled products.
b) An aging population, so more and more demand for stability products.
c) I have seen the start of a more growing demand for consumer products catering for some form of stability with recesses, due to more people are wanting to multitask, fast living, the convenience of use, lack of space, and being more mobile through work or leisure.

New Tray Specs

The product branded the "S-Tray", will comprise of two components, a profiled undertray, and a detachable top surface. Its functionality is universal and as such, lends itself to many other applications and industry sectors.

What are the main beneficial features of the product to the customer compared to other trays on the market?

Stabilising the objects that placed on the interchangeable surface




Velcro fasterneres option

Elegantly Designed. Innovative New Tray

Stability and storage for multi-functional use of technology, leisure and culinary activities universally for a wide number of target markets, in a compact way, to suit a contemporary fast pace way of living.

Ergonomically Designed

Keep the items on your tray. Two-level tray with movement restriction on the top for cutlery, plates, drinks, and technology.


The new tray offers multiple top designs for multi-purpose and function and includes storage underneath.

Easy to Clean

The S-Tray is combined of two parts. Both parts, the top, and bottom shelf unit are stackable and washable. Mess-Free.

Larger Surface

A larger surface area so that you can use smaller computer technology such as IPADs and Tablets, Microsoft surface can be used on your knee.


Take it with you where you go! Its portable function allows you to use it when you need it - at home or outdoors. ``Everyone needs stability in their life.``

Product Quality

The product is created with quality and durability in mind. The materials used to create our product is child, adult, and elderly-friendly.

The S-Tray Project

Innovative. Functional. Multi-use.

What makes us unique? The new tray is ergonomic and adjustable.

Two Interchangeable Trays

Currently, there are two tray options. The main surface which is for meal-time and/or technology - separately, or at the same time. And the second surface is Lego® compatible.






Research Hours




Great Products

Product Line

From the initial idea to product concept design and development.

Additional Product Information

What has been done thus far? Currently, two marketing research has been done. One assessing the existing product market and another about the product design.  The S-Tray was one of the final 28 entrants out of 160 shortlisted products to be accepted in a national award competition by Design Council Spark – Product Development, which resulted in attending a two-day design camp course for invention in the home living.

Product market research
New product research
Design Council Spart Finalist

Product Top Industries Possible Application

Alzheimer's Society
Special Needs
Virgin Atlantic

Our Current Reviews

Our product has been currently tested in different markets, here are our most recent reviews

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